What is HTML 5 Exactly? Definition with Details

What is HTML 5 Exactly? Definition with Details

What is HTML 5 Exactly?

Chrome and Wave are banking on it, Safari and Firefox have already started exploring it and almost every web development company is ecstatic about its advent. If you are still caught unaware when it comes to HTML 5, this post is for you.

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HTML5 is a web specification that defines the guidelines about how HTML, the core language of web, should be formatted in terms of multimedia, images, web apps, text, search forms and anything and everything that is displayed on your web browser. From one perspective, HTML 5 can be perceived as the boring set of standards that only developers need to be concerned about, while another view poses it as a revolutionary change that has brought the web together. Not many websites have upgraded to HTML 5 as of now, but they might as well have to do it soon, in order to deliver mobile and desktop ready interfaces.

What Makes HTML5 Overwhelming?

HTML5 is endowed with some awesome features that are giving offshore web development a facelift. Some changes have already made headlines as biggies like Google and Apple have implemented them in their browsers. Here’s a quick round up of the features that make HTML 5 awesome:

HTML 5 has simplified the entire process of developing modern web apps such as discussion boards, wikis, and search front-ends, real-time chat and drags and drop tools.

HTML 5 is capable of knowing your location and using it to alter things like your Twitter updates, search results etc. It makes user devices location-aware which are a big deal!

HTML 5 offers great offline storage option. It comes with capability of storing both persistent app databases and one-time data.

It offers high compatibility and support for native audio and video streaming.

HTML 5 is the effective face of web development from last few years.

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