Water is The Main Cocktail of Life

Water is The Main Cocktail of Life

Water is The Main Cocktail of Life

Life is booming in the modern era with technological action and social media podiums. The current life is a comprehensive compilation and polygonal combination of human living standards, technology and social media advances. Statement channels and correlated resources are changing each dissection of our lives so rapidly that it can be difficult to adjust. Technology has extended the lives of countless individuals with about half of adults. Here, we will take part in a number of practices in which the standard of living is the universal standard of psychological health of the population.

Many aspects collectively unite to affect the fitness of individuals and societies. Whether the person is fit or not, is determined by his position and surroundings. To a large extent, where we breathe, features such as the state of our environments, heredity, our earnings, and education points, and our interactions with friends and family have substantial effects on health; Although, aspects such as entry and use of health care services are usually measured, they often have little impact.

  • Consist of health characteristics
  • Social and financial status
  • Physical environment, and
  • Specific type and nature.
  • Our intake is essential to focus


Due to pollutants in the water from industrial waste, pollution in the air due to vehicles and lack of nutritional values ​​in our diet due to many reasons. In ancient times, food was more full of energy and nutrition than it is today.


Our air is getting polluted day by day due to increasing number of industries, population and vehicles. We are suffering from various breathing issues which are constantly increasing. Felling of trees causes lack of oxygen in the air which causes suffocation


The land is covered with 70% water, but is not suitable to meet the needs of consumable or potable population. All industrial waste chemicals are going into rivers, ponds and other water bodies and are therefore coming into our homes.

Health hazards affected by drinking water

The purity of the water we drink is essential for the health of our family. Adverse health effects of unclean water intake can range from extremely minor physical shock to ruthless illness or flat death in additional unpleasant situations.

In addition, adverse special effects of unclean water intake can be ignored for years and are thus extra dangerous, as they can cause supplemental discomfort at older ages as our immune system becomes fragile.

There are long and lasting health hazards caused by emergency drinking water.

Consumption of water immediately threatens health

If we consume impure drinking water for once in a blue moon from a contaminated source, it can cause influenza and disease for short periods, disturb our digestive system and cause us to become ill Can. Some immediate effects of drinking contaminated water may be vomiting, discomfort, abdominal pain, nausea, and loose motion.

We can defend the immediate health effects of impure water by resisting RO installation to achieve a quick and easy solution to clean water. Boiling water is also considered as a proper cleaning technique, but it is time consuming and we can invest so much time on boiling to cool after consumption,

Long lasting hazardous water consumption

In the event of revelations drawn to contaminated drinking water, skin disorders, digestive failure, cardiac problems, liver and kidney injuries, persistent muscle soreness and even cancer can occur in a variety of disorders.

The primary method suggested when we find that our drinking water is to be stained is an alternative to a better resource. Water purifier installation is an excellent primary method to achieve a touchstone availability of clean drinking water.

Secondly, we should consult our doctor immediately to start defensive medicine. The action for diseases caused by impure water depends on various aspects such as our age, the category of contaminants in our water that are supplied, for example the entire era we are open to the elements for these contaminants.

Access to health care

The amount of trouble it is free for us for health care is a very big determinant of our fitness. If we have health cover, then we are likely to meet with our health advisor at a normal start. These visits may include check-ups and advance anxiety that prevent us from starting the disease continuously. But not everyone is concerned with health insurance or hassle-free access to worry. Many individuals do not have transportation to leave the doctor.

Author: Sukh Gill

Sukh Gill is the founder and editor of Jatt Fatehpur Blog. He is a Passionate Blogger from India.