3 Essential Tips to Great Video Editing for Beginners

3 Essential Tips to Great Video Editing for Beginners

3 Essential Tips to Great Video Editing

So you would like to create decent unforgettable videos? However, before you start pulling along the footage you’ve captured, there is some stuff you should keep in mind and You will know the Importance of Video Editing in Your Life.

3 Essential Tips to Great Video Editing for Beginners

Tip 1 – Recognize what you’re making an Attempt to Accomplish

It may sound obvious; however, you wouldn’t believe what percentage fails at this 1st stage – before they even get started! Actually, the editing stage should be a continuation of the pre-production and production stages. What I mean by that’s, the story or purpose you have for the video should build its manner into the editing section. You will need extremely intense and swift scene changes in the midst of incompatible sound effects because the blue blood battles the witch. And at different times you’ll need slow fade-ins/outs and slow-motion effects once the blue blood rides off with maiden to non-reality land.

Don’t create the error of thinking this step is not necessary, believe me, if you don’t get this right, no additional editing can build a difference, and your work won’t be spectacular. Take the time to take a seat and set up, to take in the sensation, mood, emotions, overall mission and direction of the film. Solely then can you have an adequate framework to administer structure to your techniques?

Tip 2 – Concentrate on Pair Things – Primarily Skill

Now that you simply grasp what the aim of the film is, you wish to get expert. You would like to bring those techniques that the film and story require – putting the items along.

Let’s take a glance at some of them


As I aforementioned before, we’re propulsion everything along. ‘Seamless’ is the word that you simply have to keep in your mind. Currently, after I say seamless I don’t mean slow. What I mean is ‘in line with the mood’. That’s the true definition of seamless. It’s wherever the audience naturally progresses consistent with the film’s desired direction – you simply facilitate them on. Dissolves, page peels, zooming, wiping, etc.

Effects: you can use these to repair and patch up flaws within the footage. Don’t be afraid to do these out, if done right they aren’t cheap at all! Simply don’t exaggerate it.

Clip Speed:

Don’t be afraid to hurry up and slow down a clip to induce the message across, in fact, you should! Think about a picture just like the Matrix. Those out of form actors don’t move that fast! See, we tend to build them look smart.


Generally, the quality of footage you are given isn’t where you would like it to be as an editor, remember, we’re once perfection. colour is commonly unmarked in the production method or generally merely diminished from poor lighting techniques. You wish to stay the image clean and consistent as a result of colour will have a placing impact on a movie. A scene may require made colours or an uninteresting dampened look. If the video is for broadcast, there may be legal ramifications for shoddy colour.

Clip Duration:

You don’t want everything the assembly method offers you. you choose what stays in and what stays out, therefore why not take solely some of a video if you are feeling like it? Sounds basic? No, No, Fundamentals are everything; as a result of selecting the proper portion is that the challenge. However does one recognize what stays and what goes? Back to the story, purpose, mission of the film – that’s however you recognize.


Music, Sound effects, voice-overs. Video with bum audio is just like the blind leading the blind – they each represent the ditch, together with your final product. Correct combination and sweetening is a necessary part of editing. Also, learn to master your attenuation and designing, two effects that provide life to your video. Once fading, you’ll need to use this exactly and accurately. Panning refers to shifting the sound from one ear to the opposite from the listener’s purpose of reference. In alternative words, having the impact of a dashing bullet whizzing by your ear needs you to pan the sound to follow the bullet. Lot’s additional will be aforementioned on audio.

These, in brief, define some of the techniques one will use in video production editing, and whereas they’ll appear obvious, bear in mind that they’re basically for a reason. as a result of the fundamentals work!

Tip 3 – Video Production Editing Software System

Yes, it’s true, whereas basics are forever necessary; generally, you wish the proper tools to feature. Selecting the proper package is crucial, particularly once you’re simply beginning out. If you would like to form nice videos and set up on increasing your skills, you’ll want software system which will maintain with you currently and once you advance. Here are some things to appear out for:

In my opinion, together with progress, there’ll be a requirement for various varieties of software, from graphics to additional effects. For this reason, I feel it is smart to go with a line of merchandise that may work different software. The last item you wish is one program not obtaining together with another.

Author: Sukh Gill

Sukh Gill is the founder and editor of Jatt Fatehpur Blog. He is a Passionate Blogger from India.

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