Popular Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2020

Popular web design trends you must follow in 2019

Popular Web Design Trends in 2020

Designers need to know about trends they must follow in 2020 so that people like their website designs. Every designer has to build a website which people will like and appreciate. Technology is ever-evolving and nothing remains constant here. It can be the instance where the inclinations which used to be popular does not work anymore.

Still, the websites with minimalistic and responsive designs work and are always in demand. These are the cyclic and continuous trends which can be considered as the core fundamental for any website. This is a known fact for all the website designers.

It is not easy to predict the trends

But there remains the challenge for the designers to design websites which will be popular and trendy. For this, the study of client behaviour, market trends, and inclination for the customers are very important. It is a fact that technology rules over the choices and preferences and so the trends can be predicted to a great extent.

For this, it requires deep study and information about the client behaviour and going by the same, we here present the top trends which the designers must know to create ‘wow’ websites for 2020.

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Let’s begin with

1. Speed

The time a website should take to load- 3 seconds. More than that, the visitor will go to the competitor’s site.

The visual appeal of the website will be ignored if it takes a few seconds more to load than the other websites. The speed matters the most, no one wants to wait till the website is loading at its own pace.

Even Google has its own Algorithm with speed update and the search engine crawlers dismiss the websites that take a little longer to load.

What affects the loading speed of the website?

Well, combine files, reduce the server response time, pick the right hosting speed option, minimize the HTTP request, and further optimize cache for making the website load faster.

2. Device Compatibility

Though ranked second, this trend is a tie with the first one.

Today the most important device for any online visitor is mobile. And the fact is they come from different makes and functionality. So, the website designer needs to design websites which will be compatible with all the devices.

The mobile-first indexing was first introduced by Google in 2019 and it will be carried furthermore to 2020. This means that the web designers will have to give priority to the mobile versions of their websites to make them reach their audience.

SEO also depends on web design as most of the traffic comes from it.

To increase the traffic, mobile users much have access to the website through their device.

The web designers have to make sure that their website is compatible with all types of platforms and OS.

3. Tailored Illustration Design

Images are important and they generate curiosity. But the personalized illustrations do the job better and attract much more. They not only pull the client but they also create a relationship with the visitor.

Why does personalized illustration work better?

Because they are able to depict in a more personal, unique, and direct way.

It appears that they are communicating which is very much important than random images which the visitor has to understand and think for the relationship they have with the design.

4. CSS3 Animation

CSS3 animation in Web Design

The Animation will become the most powerful trend in web design for 2019 and designers and users will be after it extensively.

Why? Because is new in the UI field and so will give uniqueness to the website design. Moreover, since it is new, it has a lot of potential and scope in the application of web design.

This proves that there will be a rise in CSS3 animation for the year 2020.

5. Energetic Video background which is full screen

Audio video medium has a lot more appeal than a wall of content and so videos will rule the web designs this year. but there are conditions to it. The videos have to be dynamic, energic, adjust the screen size and above all relevant and crisp.

Useless long and boring videos will be dismissed and ignored.

The USP of videos

They increase the user engagement time and so adds to the SEO value of the website.

So, they help to increase the conversion rates and social media acknowledges the impact of videos. A Social platform like Facebook prioritize the posts with videos and appreciates them.

6. Minimalism

With the principle of “Less is More” the websites have to be simple. But that does not mean that they do not have the bare look. The minimalistic aspect is actually towards not letting the visitor spend their valuable time in processing information, digging deep to find the relevant information, and of course no redundancy.

Make the navigation easy and simple, do not add useless and unnecessary details which will create an issue later on.

The CTA buttons should also be carefully placed so that they can be spotted easily and do not appear forcefully imposed.

7. Responsive design

Responsive Web Design Trends

There are so many gadgets and devices available and some more are in the pipeline which the web designer has to take care of. The searcher can look for the website on the handiest device it has at the moment. It can be anything from the PC to the laptop or even mobile.

If the website is not responsive or fails to adapt to the screen size, it will lose an important client for business.

Even Google algorithms are highlighting the websites which have responsive designs.

8. ColorGradation in design

This gives an aesthetic experience to the users and keeps them engaged with the visual appeal. Colors are always welcoming and the better coordination always illustrates perfectly.

The bright gradients give a rich layered structure to the website and increase the appeal of the website.

The web designer has to use this feature intelligently as it will have a lot of appeal in the coming years.

9. Typographic design

Words express themselves and the font and typographic help them to do so.

The important informationon the website is depicted in words and so the typography has a lot of importance. It is not appreciated if the reader has to squint to read and understand. The alphabets should appear crystal clear and even the size should determine the significance of the statement.

These fonts express well and have a command on the emotions. They cannot be ignored as simple words by the web designers and they need to do research on what expresses them the best.

10. Design tools which are in the mainstream

There are plenty of designing tools and the number is large enough to confuse the designers. But the fact is, not every tool is perfect and can be a threat to the website if not used perceptively. One more thing to remember, efficient tools are forever and it depends on the web designer to use them innovatively.

Knowing about them will make the job of the designer easier and will create fetching results.

Final Thoughts

The internet has grown and in the past ten years, it has gone humongous change or better transformation. With the reign of mobile, the introduction of new technical aspects as AI, AR, AMP and so on, things are moving at a fast pace.

But the core demand from the website remains the same, which is to attract more and more clients and finally increase the conversion rate.

With technological advancements, there is an increased demand to design smart websites which will be more interactive. The web designer has to fulfill a lot of demands to design the create the perfect website, however, the above pointers will sure prove useful for the designers.

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