List of Top 10 Jatt Surnames with Caste Rankings


Top Jatt Surnames with Caste Rankings

Forgive me and I am extremely sorry to all as I know, it is against Sikhism to have castes. However, here I am just going to give you some essential information about the list of top Jatt surnames with caste ranking.

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The Jatt community (Jatt Mehkma) is one the most famous communities of Punjab and they are too strong, courageous, fearless fighters and known for uniqueness. To be honest, Jatt Mehkma does not support violence, drinking or disrespecting others. They worked truly hard to take Punjab’s farming to another level.

We have only added Top Punjabi Jatt gots with a list which can be easily discovered in this Article. It becomes trouble-free for people to recognize a person’s caste from their surname.

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These results are used with deep research on Google and these all Jatt Surnames are searched most by user last few months in 2019. This Jatt Surnames ranking is not permanent as it can be changed as per Google search results. When any Jatt Surname searched most on Google, it can replace others rank in this top 10 caste names.

Nowadays, most Punjabis are using this very title for glorifying themselves even though they don’t quite deserve it. So here I am listed top Jatt Surnames below-

Top 10 Jatt Caste Rankings by Google (Average Monthly Searches 2019)

Chahal 10K – 100K
Sidhu 10K – 100K
Rai10K –100K
Randhawa10K –100K
Bal10K – 100K
Gill1K – 10K
Sandhu1K – 10K
Dhillon1K – 10K
Cheema1K – 10K

Find list of almost all Jatt Surnames below-

  1. Aulakh
  2. Aujla
  3. Atwal
  4. Buttar
  5. Batth
  6. Bains
  7. Bhullar
  8. Bajwa
  9. Brar
  10. Boparai
  11. Cheema
  12. Chhina
  13. Chahal
  14. Dhillon
  15. Deol
  16. Dosanjh
  17. Dhindsa
  18. Dhaliwal
  19. Gill
  20. Grewal
  21. Ghumman
  22. Goraya
  23. Hundal
  24. Hanjra
  25. Hans
  26. Johal
  27. Jhinjer
  28. Kahlon
  29. Khaira
  30. Kang
  31. Kaler
  32. Maan
  33. Mand
  34. Manak
  35. Nagra
  36. Pannu
  37. Purewal
  38. Randhawa
  39. Rai
  40. Sidhu
  41. Sandhu
  42. Sekhon
  43. Sangha
  44. Thind
  45. Tung
  46.  Uppal
  47. Virk
  48.  Waraich

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