What will be Mobile Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2019-2020?

What will be Mobile Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2019-2020?

Mobile Marketing Trends and Predictions

The coming year will see more advanced smart phones and tablets being sold. The majority of mobile devices now are being sold in all over the World.  In addition, there are also a number of affordable tablets on the market. These smart devices will continue to have a significant impact on the way consumers lead their lives – the way they watch entertainment, shop, communicate and work. This means that 2020 is shaping up as a very exciting year for businesses that have already embraced mobile, and a challenging year for businesses that have not.

The year 2020 will see a drastic increase in the number of people who only access the Internet through their mobile devices, whether tablets or on smart phones. It’s more convenient for people to use their mobile – it’s already switched on and is always with them. For businesses, this opens up numerous opportunities for mobile commerce.

Here are a few more key mobile trends for marketers to grab opportunities in the coming year:

Mobile Search –

Consumers are increasingly using smart phones and tablets to search the internet and access local information. Geo-centric (or location-aware) queries are becoming more common on mobile devices. This trend will continue to expand to other services and advertisers need to deliver relevant ads based on location and keywords.

Location Services –

Most smart devices have a GPS transmitter and can track where users are when they post online. Many consumers now willingly use this to check-in to places to share their location.

Mobile Shopping –

Mobile commerce will enter a new era of growth in 2020, spurred by increased consumer usage of mobile devices for searching, shopping, and promotions.

Retailers will continue to incorporate mobile solutions into their sales strategy by offering special discounts, mobile coupons, mobile shopping etc. with targeted advertising. This trend will further grow in 2020 with retailers looking at the latest ways to attract and retain customers.

Mobile Apps –

The mobile apps have exploded in 2012 with app stores promoting thousands of different applications. This trend will continue in 2020. Mobile apps are very important for mobile marketers to target the type of applications based on the popularity of apps. Marketers will increase in-app advertising to generate more revenue in the coming year.

Cloud –

Cloud storage and cloud-based services will become more important in 2020 and beyond, allowing users to access and share information anywhere. Consumers were the first adopters of this technology, and now it’s quickly being adopted by business.

Multi-Screening –

There will be continued growth in multi-screen users in 2020 with consumers progressing their day on multiple devices such as smart phones and tablets. This will provide a great opportunity for advertisers to follow consumers across multiple channels and deliver consistent and relevant messages.

Mobile continues to be a key and growth strategy for many companies as browsing; shopping and networking all go mobile. It should convince marketers to increase their mobile marketing budget.

Author: Sukh Gill

Sukh Gill is the founder and editor of Jatt Fatehpur Blog. He is a Passionate Blogger from India.