Improve Website Conversion Rate Through Better UX Design

CTA Button That Are Clearly Visible

So, what makes a website user happy?

User Experience.

Yes, it works as the backbone for any website. And it is not just limited to an electrifying layout. It is something much more than that.

The UX of a website has the capability ofimproving usability and accessibility.

Other than that, poor UX also can directly affect conversion. So, being the owner of a website shall always hire a pro UX designer who is capable enough of bringing your ideas to life.

A good UX can easily enhance your customer experience as well.

So, it definitely has the power to improve the conversion rate.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the details.

Add Such CTA Buttons That Are Clearly Visible

Call-to-action or more popularly known as CTA is such kind of buttons that guide a website visitor towards a successful conversion. They are usually, sign up for a free trial, download your eBook, add to cart, book a consultation etc.

CTAs play an important role in enhancing the user experience of your website visitors. So, they need to be placed on every page of your website.

Stats say clearer CTAs can take your website’s conversion rate to another level. So, you definitely do understand how important CTAs are in improving your whole user experience.

CTA Buttons That Are Clearly Visible

Besides, if you have such a website that has a good number of folds, then it is better to just place your CTA buttons just adjacent to the folds, this will increase the visibility of your CTA buttons.

Now, let’s get to know what are the specific things that you require keeping in your mind to make your CTAs clearer.

  • Be careful while picking the colors for your CTA button. Choose such colors that are capable enough of improving their prominence. Try to put in contrasting colors.
  • Try to dodge passive voice while designing your CTA buttons. Though they definitely need to be subtle but try to make them as much action-oriented as possible. This will make them more convincing.
  • Try to keep your call-to-action buttons shorter than 5 words.

Take Care of your 404 Errors

It is a usual thing that people searching for stuff in Google usually reach on the exact page that they were looking for. But there are times when they, unfortunately, land on the 404-error page.

And then happens something that isn’t good for your SEO friendly website at all.

Take Care of your 404 Errors

Yes, you’re getting the right thing. They redirect to some other relevant site to get the piece of information they were looking for.

And, TBH, you just can’t avoid the 404-error page from happening. Then, what can be done to make things easy for your part?

Let me tell you.

  • Check out which of the searches, your website shows such 404 errors. Try to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • Try to change the text of your 404 error pages from “404 error: page cannot be displayed” to something that is more friendly, appealing and welcoming.
  • Add relevant and interesting images to your 404 error pages to reduce the annoyance caused by the technical glitch.
  • Deliver this message to your website visitors that you will provide them will a swift browsing experience. And to do that, you need to customize the text that appears in the 404 pages and makes it more human.

So, as avoiding 404 errors is more like an impossible task, it is better to customize them to improve the experience of your customers designing a better UX.

Use Original Images

Images play a key role in making just any webpage look more attractive and even more appealing. But it strictly depends on what kind of images you are adding. And, that is also a deciding factor in making an SEO friendly website.

Adding just any image won’t make your day go well. There are rules.

  • While working on web designing, your UX, you need to strictly maintain distance from free images. They look cheap and will certainly bring down the quality of your website. They’ll harm your website more than the good they’ll do.
  • And maybe you’ll say that you’ll look for high-quality stock images, those which will look professional, but the thing with stock images are, they’ll do appear attractive but after a few moments, your website visitor will get to know that the image appearing on your website is nothing but a stock image.

And then, their interest will drop. And this impression will stick in their minds for long, making things worse for you.

On the other hand, original images are also quite capable of attracting potential buyers. But the better part is, they’ll make those visitors stay.

Other than that, authentic images will help you connect with your audience easily. Whereas, the stock images are usually used multiple times by various other websites as well and that’s a major turn off for your audience.

Besides, if your website visitor gets to know that you’ve used stock photos, they’ll think that you haven’t put in much effort designing your website and their interest will certainly drop for sure.

So, the main thing here is you need to stay away from stock images. Use authentic ones irrespective of their appearance. But, never opt for stock images.

Cut Down Your Website’s Loading Time

The loading time of your website is also a major deciding factor when it is about designing your website’s UX.

If a website visitor finds that your website is taking much more time to load than it should take, then they’ll opt for looking forward to some other website. and that will degrade your website and bring down your ROI creating a steep curve.

Cut Down Your Website’s Loading Time

Experts say that if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, you’ll certainly lose your potential buyer. And like I said earlier, your website visitor judges your service depending on the loading speed of your website.

So, if your landing page takes more time than usual to load, the potential buyer might not even opt for going through your website.

Other than that, Google will bring down your ranking if it finds that your page takes much more time to load that it should take. Which directly leads to the fact that your ROI will see hard times.

Designing a Responsive Website

Stats tell us if a user faces any sorts of inconvenience surfing through a website from their mobile devices, then the chances of that person abandoning the website increase up to 5 times.

Hence this proves how important an aspect web designing is.

In today’s date, users are no longer dependent just on their desktops or laptops to access a website. Instead, they mostly rely on their smartphones to do the same.

And that’s why almost 52.64% of the global web traffic has gone mobile in 2017. So, if your website is not yet optimized for smartphone users, then that is the task that you need to perform before anything else if you don’t want to risk losing a huge sum of your potential ROI.

This makes it clear that web designing in a responsive way fitting perfectly to every screen size is quite an important thing to emphasize on.

Summing It Up

It isn’t just about providing the right information to the right person, but rather it is about how you present the information to the concerned person.

And, that’s where you need to be really careful while designing your website to make it SEO friendly.

Irrespective of what service you provide your buyers with, if your manner of presenting them is not catchy enough, you might end up losing a good number of potential buyers.

Hope, this was enough to make you understand the importance of UX in increasing your conversions. If not, feel free to contact us.

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