What is the Difference between Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS Gateway?

Difference between Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS vs. Bulk SMS Gateway Bulk SMS Service is the best and most time-saving way to send mobile text messages from a computer. With one click of a button, a person can send groups of up to millions of SMS text messages at one time at the rate of around a thousand messages per second. Bulk SMS service can be a huge advantage to companies for various purposes.

A reliable SMS bulk Service Provider is essential. In any of those instances can you see how epic it would be for those messages to be delayed or never show up at all? While some reminder or advertising messages would not be so time sensitive, for other purposes, the fallout and loss of business could be crippling.

On the other hand, a Bulk SMS Gateway is a software system that allows a computer to send the messages independently instead of subscribing to a service that takes in the data and sends it out. Some may still use a service to offer the speed they need to handle sending the messages quickly, but all of the information, processes, and conversion will be managed from the computer that is set up with the software.

There are many administrative functions that the user will control with the software. It is the equivalent of taking a document and having it faxed at a copy shop versus owning your own software to create, file, copy, print and fax yourself. With the bulk SMS service you only get to submit a message for sending while with the bulk SMS gateway, you get to control what applications send out which messages to whom, and under what circumstances. But wait, there’s more.

The main difference between bulk SMS service and the bulk SMS gateway is that with the gateway you can receive SMS text messages back. So, the SMS message goes out to massive amounts of numbers with the SMS bulk service either way. But if you want to both receive a message back and convert it into a form (email for instance) that your application can read, you need a bulk SMS gateway.

Bulk SMS – Advantages and Disadvantages

Sending bulk SMS is no more a strange or unheard of thing as most companies have chosen this to be an effective marketing strategy to reach millions of customers. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this marketing technique when compared to traditional methods.

Advantages of Bulk SMS

Most companies find that this marketing tool is quite cheap as per SMS and can enable them to reach a million people. Since a mobile phone is always carried along by at least 80% of the people, it can be safely said that the message will be read 95% of the time which is quite high when compared to mail flyers which are most often thrown away without even being opened.

Surveys have also shown that sending bulk SMS about services, products or discounts evokes a higher response rate from customers when compared to traditional marketing strategies. It has also been noted that text messaging is more effective than posting newspaper advertisements and is five times more effective than a direct mail marketing technique. Sending bulk SMS is also considered to be permission-based marketing as the customer has signed up to receive these messages. But there are many companies who do not follow this parameter strictly and send messages to even those who have not signed up. They procure the telephone numbers from mobile phone companies and send out text messages.

Another big benefit of text messaging is that it is a personalized communication tool between customers and companies. You can send messages depending on the type of customers and the offers and discounts that they will be interested in. This marketing strategy is quite simple and easy to use for even those who run small businesses and do not want to depend too heavily on technology. There is also great flexibility in usage which allows you to send bulk SMS to just about anybody. You can also build up a complete database with customer details and phone numbers using specific keywords for later use. The biggest benefit of this system is that you can target different sections of the society using different messages than just one single advertisement for all.

Apart from text messaging just for promotions and advertisements, you can also use this marketing technique for sending personalized messages like birthday greetings on behalf of your company, thank the customers for timely payments and also give details about payments and delivery orders.

Disadvantages of Bulk SMS

The only disadvantage to this system is that it is mostly recommended for urban use as a mobile phone is a must. There are also certain people who are wary to use technology fearing an invasion of privacy; sending bulk SMS is a strict no-no with such segments of society.

Author: Sukh Gill

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