Top 7 Best Jobs for Online MBA Grads for better Career

Explore these 7 ideal jobs for online MBA Grads

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Financial Manager
  • Health Services Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Manager

Do you know why most of the students want to enroll themselves into online MBA courses despite their daily hectic routine? Well, the answer is simple. After acquiring an MBA degree, their knowledge and skills get enhanced and they become equipped to hold on the top managerial positions that pay them the best. Undoubtedly, MBA offers one of the most lucrative careers to the students these days. Not only the fresh graduates but the working professionals also are inclined towards MBA and look for the best online MBA in India to upscale and upgrade their business knowledge. Choosing the best online MBA program is quite easy these days where one can look for various reviews, take peer reference and enroll oneself very conveniently.

However, before you opt for any of the online MBA coursesin India, you must know where your career will be directed after you finish this course. There is a lot of gung-ho around MBA and MBA graduates but let us give you a reality check and direct you so that once you finish your course, you know where does your bright future lie. Here are some of the best paying jobs that help the MBAs build a bright career for themselves. Here is the list:

1. Computer and Information Systems Manager

A computer and information systems manager is responsible to plan and manage the entire IT infrastructure of the organization.  He or she implements the internet and intranet sites, install and upgrade the software and hardware, and develop a smooth computer network for all the employees. This is a very comprehensive role and when you purse an MBA in Information Technology, this is the best role to look for. As a computer and information systems manager, you will also be responsible to maintain the security networks and protocols of the company data.

2. Chief Technology Officer

Each company has a mission and a vision. The mission and vision are further sub divided by different teams in the organisation. When we talk about the technical visions of the company, a Chief Technological Officer is responsible for the same. These officers investigate the overall technological advancements of the company and they manage the entire IT department. They sit at the top and overlook all the activities with respect to the research and development happening in the IT department. All the technical standards in the company are controlled and guided by a Chief Technology Officer.

3. Financial Manager

A financial manager is an expert at handling the finances of the company. For every company today, it is important to outsmart the competition and they need to hire a talented financial manager who can manage the cash flow of the organizations while reducing the expenses and increasing overall profits. These managers are responsible for cash management, create financial procedures, and overlook the budget process and many other investment activities for the organisation.

4. Health Services Manager

Many colleges offer an MBA in health services management because there are many health institutions that need a Health Service Manager to manage the overall activities in the organisations. When it comes to expanding and diversifying healthcare services, any healthcare concern will require an expert to boost the activities in the company.

5. Management Consultant

These days, you would find a lot of management consultancies owned by expert management consultants. These consultants have also bagged an MBA degree earlier and after gaining some industry experience, they are now well-versed to advise organizations to take the right direction and stay relevant and ahead of the competition. There are some organizations who hire full time management consultants to guide the business towards the right path.

6. Investment Banker

Raising money to fund various activities of the business is very crucial. This task is undertaken by the investment bankers who are qualified MBA in Finance. These professionals help the organizations and even government agencies to raise capital for their daily as well as special events.

7. Marketing Manager

Marketing and advertising is an important function of any business. A marketing manager is a qualified MBA in marketing, and he or she is responsible to overlook all the marketing activities going on in the business. Their only objective is to increase profitability and sales.

MBA graduates are high in demand and the demand is going to increase further. In the year 2015, 75% of the employers looked for MBA graduates to fill their vacancies and 85% said that the number of going to rise in the future.

No matter what specialization you choose, if you can prove your mettle in your field, we are sure you are going to nail it well. The online MBA courses are going to polish your skills, upgrade your knowledge and help you become a good and loving manager in the future.

Author: Sukh Gill

Sukh Gill is the founder and editor of Jatt Fatehpur Blog. He is a Passionate Blogger from India.