What is Application Development? Definition and Types

What is Application Development?

Application development requirement and thereon starts all necessary procedures starting with planning, developing, testing and finally implementing the required application. Expertise in software technology helps a longer self-life of application with minimum maintenance and support requirement.

What is Application Development? Definition and Types

There are various software professionals follow processes which help in a successful on-time and above expected delivery.

App Developers Work

The project Manager takes charge of here


App Developers submit daily and weekly reports of the work done and hence plan next day and week accordingly.

Application Testing Services

This is the last phase wherein it is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure timely completion of the project and test the same to minimize the bugs and deliver the quality developed application to the client by Best Web Application Developers.

Software Quality Assurance Testing is an important phase in our SDLC. App Developers focus that all applications are continuously tested using the latest industry methods. They rely on our technical team to build a full proof model for our clients so that all applications developed to go through a series of testing requirements to ensure the exceptional and feed the purchaser with the very exceptional.

App Developers work very closely with clients to understand their exact quality testing goals, and then design a customized, cost-effective and timely deliverable testing solution based on a vast knowledge of the subject and with our talented pool of resources.

Functionality Testing:

App Developers uses quality testing techniques to comprehensively test the functionality of your software against its documented specification.

Browser/operating system/platform Compatibility Testing:

App Developers ensure that the developed software is functional against all browsers, operating systems, ISP’s and other hardware and software as applicable.

Automated Testing:

App Developers especially test engineers are highly skilled to utilize all automated test tools through which they can write complex test scripts designed to automate parts of the testing process. This, in turn, reduces the need for manual testing which in results helps to cut clients cost and increases their ROI.

Regression Testing:

App Developers test applications, fixes sometimes lead to new problems. This, in turn, complicates the testing procedure and causes a delay in the smooth running of the software. Regression testing technique helps to track both old and new issues. As we test applications we regress old issues and go over the old grounds to ensure that new bugs do not pop up.

Why outsource testing?

App Developers have the expertise and the right resources to carry out the software testing process.

Software testing is essential and the generic business cannot do it rigorously as it is not their core competency. Thus, App Developers put software-testing experts to handle the work efficiently, ensuring quality results.

Application Maintenance

In this era of the competitive business environment, it is has become mandatory that a business puts the majority of its resources in its core business practices while finding efficient partners who can take the responsibility of other spectrums which are equally important but still can be handled by professionals who can do the job more effectively. That is the easy basis which has initialized earnings through Outsourcing to challenge into application control in which we offer the essential technical expertise and works for the entire software maintenance so you can lower your price and increase the ROI of your enterprise.

App Developers ensure that our application management and maintenance processes are flexible and evolve with your business. We have perfected the methodology for gradually transferring the client’s in-house maintenance team to our offshore-onsite model.

In brief or Application Maintenance service does:

Reduction in TCO (Total Cost Ownership)

Continuous improvements in the quality of services

Improves application stability Reduce costs thus

Making the client’s resources to be utilized in business strategic IT initiatives

Application maintenance services include:

App Developers provide 24X7 technical helps desk support for problem and incident management

Quick turnaround of services

Preventive maintenance to forestall problems

Planned and phased enhancements to improve the performance of applications

Continuous code review and finding bugs

App Developers understand the complexity of the application maintenance process and thus has developed its own methodology, which gives the structure that helps to advance the issue phase wise.

The process is accomplished in three phases:

Phase 1

Selecting the appropriate team in compliance with the execution platform, operating system, software environment etc.

Create adequate infrastructure

Understanding of the technical and business issue involved in the process

Phase 2

Providing training in the areas required to the maintenance team under the guidance of the onsite team

Phase 3

Provide 24X7 supports

Confirm to complete maintenance operation

Client-Server Application

Client-server describes an application architecture in which the client requests action or service from the provider of service, the server. The web server processed and then returned the (HTML, PHP or ASP) page to your web browser, which then parses the data and displays it in your browser, is a classic example of a client-server application including below:




HR Management

Inventory Management

Sales and Marketing

Client- Server Application Development Service methodology includes:

App Developers have expertise in the latest programming language tools and platforms for client-server application.

System Analysis

System Design

Project Management

System Execution

Partner Training

App Developers Lead to Information Technology

Information Technology has revolutionized the way business is done today. It has changed people to think about their business and the approach that business takes for their continued growth in the industry. To be leaders in the highly competitive IT industry they have become mandatory to innovate with processes and streamline your operations with the latest technology.

App Developers provide clients with specialized services and the latest technology in areas such as expert systems, wireless technologies, driver development etc. IT solutions and services leverage productivity for your company and foster innovation, speed and synergy to generate sustainable growth for your business and improve your product margins by Mobile App Development.

App Developers in IT sector provide below benefits:

Complete SDLC for latest applications to provide the most efficient processes for your business

Offshore, Onshore and On-Site development and delivery model

Clients get the latest update on technology through our close-knit partnership with leading technology companies and research institution

Lower cost due to our competent offshore services results increase in ROI for our clients business